Brownfield Development

Many times developers and property owners are reluctant to pursue deals involving environmental issues due to the perception the deal will expose the property owners to unnecessary liability and prohibitive remediation costs. With BDC’s expertise as a brownfield developer, you have a development partner who knows how to mitigate those risks and manage the costs in a way where the deal becomes feasible.

BDC has redeveloped numerous hazardous and complex brownfield redevelopment projects including remediation of PCB’s, TCLP lead, asbestos/mold abatement, RCRA metals, BTEX and other volatile/semi-volatile organics. BDC’s expertise includes coordination with regulators, deriving a cost-containment strategy, implementing a construction plan and obtaining regulatory approval letters that feasibly address the environmental issues while simultaneously mitigating owner, tenant and lender’s risk.

BDC has a track record for success working with the following companies on brownfield redevelopment projects:

  • DuPont Chemical Corporation
  • Reichold Chemical
  • Shell Oil
  • Purex
  • Kohl’s
  • Best Buy
  • Harris Bank
  • TCF Bank
  • NCB Bank
  • Federal Die-Cast
  • Bank of America

Next time you encounter a deal with environmental issues, run it by us first. We might change the way you approach brownfield deals in the future.