BDC micromanages the development process and places the highest priority on devising and executing a Construction Strategy that assures the highest probability of success for the Project.


We pay close attention to construction risk because we believe the difference between success and failure depends on how well the construction risk is managed.  

Understand the need(s) of the potential End Users and marketplace first.

Define and continuously refine a thorough Scope-of-work.

Work with government agencies and authorities to secure approvals and entitlements.

Establish and maintain reliable budgets throughout the process.
BDC understands that in a typical deal, hard costs and profit margins account for 50% and 20% respectively of the terminal value. For every 1% that hard costs come in over budget, the 20% profit margin is reduced by 5%.

We challenge top-tier design and consultant teams to increase yields, efficiencies, and value engineering to reduce costs.

We use a methodical bidding process to obtain the best pricing while reducing the risk of change orders.

BDC implements an effective cost-containment and VE strategy.

We micromanage every detail of the construction phase to ensure on-target results.

BDC coordinates with the end users to convert their needs into a completed space that exceeds expectations.