Warren Baker

CEO, Baker Development

Warren Baker

Warren Baker brings over 38 years of experience in all aspects of development including Brownfield/Superfund, commercial, residential and industrial development with a unique expertise in devising and executing sensitive political and complex construction-related strategies.

Warren is passionate about the need for young men and women to have access to Vocational Training as an alternative to the college track and credits his four years of automotive Vocational Training at Evanston Township High School to advancing his professional career. Warren strongly believes that job skills learned through Vocational Training will “teach a person to fish so they can eat for a lifetime” providing disenfranchised youths with an alternative education, an opportunity to become gainfully employed and become a productive part of their community. 

To that end, Warren is the former developer, board member and contributor to Project HOOD in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Project HOOD is a new, 85,000 SF Vocational Training and Community Center planned at 66th Street and Martin Luther King Drive. Drawing on his personal vocational training education and professional development expertise to assist in making this new Vocational Training and Community Center a reality.

Warren is a proud supporter of Holocaust-related charities, University of Chicago School of Medicine and Project HOOD.