Brownfield Development

Devising feasible development solutions to mitigate regulatory and environmental risk associated with complex brownfield/superfund sites. 

Brownfield Development

BDC devises and executes a cost-effective remedial strategy to ensure zero occupant risk, mitigate the environmental liability to chain-of-title owners, occupants, and lenders.

We are accomplished brownfield developers with decades of experience in receiving regulatory approvals with a track record of zero environmental claims.

Applus Technologies

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Bank of America

Best Buy

BP Amoco

Chicago Paint and Varnish

DuPont Chemical Corporation

Federal Die-Cast

Goodyear Tire

Harris Bank

Illinois EPA


Libra Industries


NCB Bank



Reflector Hardware

Reichold Chemical

Semiconductor Industries

Shell Oil

Stawski Distribution

TCF Bank


United Coatings


When you encounter a deal with environmental issues, run it by us first.